Rental FAQ’s

How does it all work?
Reno Tahoe Toy  Rentals is a company for the rental of privately owned recreational vehicles. If you are an owner that is interested in earning extra income by renting your RV, follow the easy steps on our site, and get started today! For those interested in renting privately owned RVs, you can easily search our inventory for the RV that is available and meets your travel needs.


Do I need a special drivers license to drive a Motorhome/RV?
No, just a valid license from your state or an international license if you reside outside the United States.


What about insurance?
The owner’s insurance is included with most RV rentals. This insurance would not cover liability for the renter. It is the renter’s responsibility to check if they are covered by their own insurance. A binder may be required to provide proper coverage. It is advisable for a renter to purchase additional liability insurance.This can be purchased if you can not get a binder.


What is a class “A” vs. a class “C”?
A class “A” motorhome refers to a continuous cab that from the outside is not distinguishable as separate from the rest of the motorhome. The class “C” looks as if the cab is more of a van conversion type often with an above cab sleeping berth. Your


What size motorhome do I need?
The maximum occupancy of a motorhome is determined by the number of seatbelts. This does not mean it can sleep that number of people comfortably. A search can be limited to occupancy and an inquiry can be made on size and number of sleeping berths.


How do I find out about prices?
Rates are determined by the owner, and can be accessed along with other important information regarding a specific RV.


Can I rent an RV for 1 or 2 days?
In some cases yes,But for the most part the answer is no.They are normally 3-4 days.Ask about the free day.


What about mileage?
The first 100 miles per day are included in the rental.Its $.30 a mile for the first 200 miles a night,$.75 a mile after that.


Is a deposit required?
Yes, there is a reservation deposit of $100/($500 for labor day.


Are there additional costs to consider?
Yes. Extra insurance is one additional cost, there may be other costs related to cleaning and/or damage if there is a failure on the part of the renter to fulfill prior agreed upon conditions. Fuel and propane tanks are provided full and must be returned full. Upon return, there may be costs above the estimated rental fee calculation including but not limited to excess generator hours and mileage in excess of 100 miles a day.


Are RV’s hard to drive?
No, they’re just different. Considering their length, height, width and weight, stopping times and turning radius’s are increased as well as visibility challenges like blind spots. Extra considerations are also required for backing up and parking.


Do persons in a camper or motor home have to wear safety belts?
Persons in the driving compartment must use safety belts. Persons in the living area should use restraints if there are restraints available.


What about gas mileage?
Under optimum conditions, the average is 7-12 miles a gallon, depending on the “class” of the unit. This can vary, consult individual unit for more information.


What happens if the vehicle breaks down during the trip?
The renter will be required to contact a mobile mechanic, and call our office.Repairs will be refunded with receipt.


What are standard pick-up & drop-off times for RV’s?
Ordinarily afternoon pick-up and morning drop-off.


Will there be a refund upon early return?
No, unless there is a prior agreement.


Do late fees apply for a late return?
Yes. Your return date of the vehicle will be determined at time of rental.


What about dump stations and water?
These facilities are clearly marked at RV Parks, gas stations and truck stops. We will familiarize you with the emptying of dump tanks and filling fresh water tanks.


Can I tow a trailer behind a motorhome?
Yes,For $49 plus $.10 a mile.


Are pets or smoking allowed?
Smoking is NOT allowed, and will result in loss of you security deposit. Pets are allowed its $15. a night plus a pet deposit of $100.


Is travel to Mexico or Canada OK?
No, you may not travel into Mexico or Canada.