RV Owner/Management Program

Our RV Owner Program/RV  Management Program is designed to allow existing RV owners to derive substantial income from their RV while retaining the use of it anytime they desire. We perform rigorous RV maintenance to assure your RV stays in top condition. If you are looking for a program that allows you to use your RV anytime you want but have it rented enough to make the payments for you, then our program is the perfect fit. Depending on the RV, owners can make $5,000.00-$15,000.00 per year from the rental of their RV.

You supply the RV and we do all the rest. With one of the most stringent screening process in the industry, we will keep your RV renting and make your payments for you. We maintain the unit, collect the rental fees and damage deposits and send the owner an itemized statement and a detailed commission statement on each quarter . If you’re interested in learning more about our Owner Program, please call us or email us today. We will be delighted to discuss our marketing efforts and the benefits of the program with you.


If I allow you to rent my RV for me, How can I assure my RV will not get torn up?
This is one of the most common concerns. Nevertheless, RV Owners should rest assured that the the RV renter is responsible for almost everything once they sign a contract and  depart from our property with your RV. The only exceptions are the normal wear and tear items. We do not just let anyone rent your RV. Each renter undergoes an excessive screening process that consists of  DMV check, verification of their physical addresses and phone number. We also verify auto insurance from the renter since their insurance is always primary.
Prior to departure, each renter is given an extensive walk-through on the RV and they must acknowledge the detailed Check-Out sheet. The purpose of acknowledgment at departure is to assure customers do not try to return the unit providing feedback that they were not property education on how to use items on the RV. We also take a Video recoding of each unit prior to departure to assure we capture current state of the vehicle before it leaves our property. In addition to the detailed Check-Out sheet, each renter is required to read and sign a Rental Contract with detailed Rental Policies. These terms and conditions were written to protect the RV, the owner of the coach and the Rental Agency providing the rental. Upon reading and signing, the renter is made aware of their responsibilities and the impact or penalties involved if they don’t follow policies.

Upon departure, every RV is clean, topped off with fuel and water and thoroughly inspected at least 24 hours before it leaves our physical property. As stated above, we take a video of every RV just before it goes out so there is no question of it’s condition. We try to capture the customer in the video so their is no question or accusations that the video is taken on a different date. The customer is required to acknowledge that they are taking an RV that is in acceptable condition and they will return the RV in the same condition as when picked with the same fuel level and clean. Failure to return the unit clean and topped off with fuel will result in charges to the customer such that we can restore the unit to the same state as upon departure. The rental contract indicates that we have up to 10 business days to check out the unit to determine any damage prior to having to return the renters security deposit. Having this amount of time usually allows sufficient time to provide a thorough inspection and determine any issues that may have occurred during the rental.
We cannot charge for damage unless we have secured sufficient security deposit prior to departure. To make certain we will be able to collect if damage occurs, we required advanced security deposit of $500 for Travel Trailers, $500.00 for Standard Motor homes and $1,500.00 for Elite or Luxury Motor homes. We require the renter to acknowledge that they are 100% fully responsible for the unit and all applicable charges due upon return. We also have an additional addendum that provide authorization to charge the customer credit card for any excessive damage that the security deposit does not cover. This additional authorization provides the peace of mind to the owner and rental company that customers cannot dispute our charges to their credit card company.

Does Insurance Cover my RV?
We require the renter to provide sufficient insurance coverage for the RV they are renting. We can also sell a commercial insurance policy as well as an additional liability policy that covers up to $1M for additional peace of mind. We also have secondary commercial renters insurance through MBA that covers your RV in case the renters insurance does not cover for any reason.

Can I use my RV whenever I want?
Sure. However, it should be noted the more you use your RV, the less rental revenue you will generate with it. Of course if you are like most RVers, the reason you bought the RV is to use it. The reason you are renting it is to help make the payments. All you need to do when you desire to use your RV is let us know in advance and we will block out the dates of your desired usage period. Just like with any renter, we will assure that your RV is full of fuel, water and propane. Well start the refrigerator and water heater for you and provide a thorough check on all appliances as well as the generator. Please be advised that we require you to return the unit in the same physical condition as upon departure and it must be topped off with fuel and propane. The unit must be cleaned with holding tanks must be dumped so that it’s ready to go out on the next rental.

How can I assure my RV will be properly maintained?
While we provide a rigorous maintenance program, we will not perform any Maintenance on your unit without your approval. In most cases, our maintenance procedures are far more strict than the average owner. Upon entering your unit into our program, we begin tracking Maintenance and assure that mileage is properly recorded such that it can be properly tracked.
Every time a customer returns a unit, we walk the unit with them and complete the detailed check-in procedure. Motor homes are flagged for maintenance every 3000 miles and the normal process includes changing the oil & filter, checking the transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, batteries and tires for proper wear.

Are people allowed to smoke in my RV?
Smoking is Not Allowed in RV’s. We make it quite clear that customers can lose their entire security deposit if they fail to follow this rule. There is far too much risk that the upholstery or carpet could be damaged and many people are sensitive to the smell of smoke. Customers acknowledge this rule upon departure and sign a form indicating that they can be charged anywhere from $250.00-$1000 to perform required fumigation and professional cleaning to remove the after-effects from the smoke activity. This charge is purposely high to deter even the most stubborn renter.

How are Renters Screened?
We provide detailed DMV checks on RV Renters to assure they have a clean driving record. We require this process for each driver that will be driving the RV. The renter understands that they’re the responsible party and will be charged for any damage or repairs due to negligence.

What happens if my RV breaks down on the road?
Every renter is told that they can repair anything that breaks and bring us the receipt for reimbursement for anything up to $25.00. If the repair is for more than $25.00, they MUST call us for approval and instructions. We have 24×7 call center to take calls and we make the customers aware of this process prior to departure. Our contract liability is limited to the reimbursement for any full rental days lost due to the breakdown and does not include any other expenses the renter might incur. Our contract specifically states that such things as the refrigerator, generator, air conditioner, etc. do not constitute a breakdown and no reimbursement will be forthcoming.
Upon return and proper inspection, we will make the determination as to whether the breakdown was due to mechanical failure or negligence on the part of the renter. If we determine it was due to negligence or misuse, we will charge the renter for the repair. If the unit is still covered by a warranty, we will either send the renter to an authorized warranty station or file the claim ourselves upon their return. If it’s simply a mechanical failure of a part not covered by a warranty, the owner is charged for the repair as a part of normal maintenance.

How often will my RV rent?
The frequency of rentals depends on the RV. Currently, RV rental demand is far greater than the supply. Motor homes, Travel Trailers and Pop-Ups average 3 weeks of rental per month during the summer months and approximately 2 rentals the rest of the year. While we can’t guarantee the number of rentals your unit will have, we have consistent rentals and will be glad to show you more details about our rental demand and how we market to prospective customers to keep your RV renting year around.

When are Commission Statements Issued?
We issue commission statements by the end of each quarter . Each owner is paid for all rentals that returned and closed out during the previous months prior to the end of the month. The standard commission statement includes total rentals for the month as well as any charges or credits for are required on behalf of the owner such as Insurance, Maintenance.